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Browse our impressive action figure stands range below. Should you face any issues or have any concerns about buying one of our action figure stands, feel free to contact us before placing an order. As a general rule of thumb we suggest waste grip stands for figures over 5” tall and peg bases for action figures less than 5” tall.

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Here at action figure we offer a wide selection of action figure stands and action figure bases.

The most common type of stand that we stock is the waist grip action figure stand; these stands allow for displaying figures from 3.9 inches to 11.8 inches tall and are perfect for 5” action figures such as marvel legends and star wars black series figures. We also stock action figure bases for smaller action figures such as the vintage kenner starwars and G.I Joe Figure lines.

The main difference between action figure bases and action figure stands is how the figure is held in place. Action figure bases utilize a peg based system in which the figure is supported by an insertion into the foot. Action Figure stands on other hand normally use waist grip technology which wraps around the waist of the figure and locks in place with a clasp. In both cases the stands allow for posing of the action figures.