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Doll stands and doll display stands: The earliest documented dolls go all the way back to ancient civilizations. Documented dolls have been found in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Like most things, dolls have evolved over the years from more there more primitive crude origins to more modern playthings as that can be classified as elaborate works of art.

Modern doll manufacturing started in Germany, in the 15th century With dollhouse brands such as Kestner Dolls, Armand Marseille Dolls, ammer & Reinhardt, and Simon & Halbig entering and then dominating the doll market.

When picking which of our doll stands works best for you, it’s important to factor in the height of the doll, for larger dolls we suggest purchasing one of our waist grip doll stands, for smaller dolls with a height less than 8 inches we suggest one of our feet grip holding doll stands, for vintage and larger dolls we suggest our XXL Doll stands.

All Doll stands are designed in the UK and shipped worldwide from our UK/US/CN warehouse.